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Mentally Challenged Home

Sharanalayam is the best mentally challenged home in coimbatore, india. Mentally Challenged people are children whose IQ is low and have low adaptive behaviour than the normal persons. The range of IQ for them ranges between 70- 75 or lesser than that.

Types :

Mild Intellectual Disability:

Kids who have an IQ around 50 - 70 fall under this category. They are unable to grasp concepts but they can function independently and process the information at a faster rate

Moderate Intellectual Disability:

Kids with IQ around 36- 50 fall under this category. They have difficulties to process the skills but they can live independently for only some time.

Severe Intellectual Disability:

Kids with an IQ of 20 - 35 fall under this category. The rate of processing for these kids is low and needs extensive training. They may learn essential skills through training but need frequent care and assistance.

Profound Intellectual Disability:

Kids with very low IQ fall under this category. They are handicapped and they require regular care and assistance to perform their daily works.