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Sharanalayam is a charitable Not For Profit Organization recognized by the government of Tamil Nadu, India founded by N.Vanitha affectionately called Thaiamma. Sharanalayam was born on 29th Jan 2001 in rented premises near the beautiful green countryside of Pollachi in the district of Coimbatore blessed with 7 orphaned children. Sharanalayam, a recognized Orphanage takes care of more than 250 orphaned, destitute, mentally challenged, uncared and HIV positive children and adults.

After nearly 10 years of undeterred, continuous and happy service, we have under our loving care and concern orphaned, street children, Children of beggars, Children rehabilitated from begging profession and Children who have lost their parents to the dreaded disease -AIDS. Any human being who is an Orphan, uncared and left in the street will be given shelter, food, clothing and rehabilitation at our Orphanage.
We also believe it is the duty of our society to give hands in the development of these Orphaned children. We definitely appreciate the help of all kinds from all noble souls who have generously contributed in development of the children of SHARANALAYAM.

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