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Dhaya, a nurturing haven for children aged 5 to 18 years, has been a home to hundreds of children till date. It is a sanctuary for abandoned and orphaned children, providing them with love, care, and hope. Led by Thaiamma’s boundless affection, Dhaya sprawls across 1.5 acres along the Coimbatore highway, serving as a residence to more than 75 destitute children ranging from 5 to 18 years old.

Within this safe space children attend nearby schools, ensuring access to education. All residents receive nutritious, regular doctor visits ensure their health, while special diets cater to undernourished entrants. Engaging activities like yoga, karate, dance, and various indoor and outdoor games are part of their routine. Recreation here involves music, television, videos, interactions with pets, and delightful outdoor picnics. Dhaya is not just a shelter; it’s a place where children find warmth, care, and opportunities to thrive.

Mentally Challenged Home Coimbatore


JOTHI is a sanctuary where love and compassion thrive, dedicated to caring for over 100 women and children facing mental and physical challenges. At JOTHI, we extend support beyond basic care; we offer mental health assistance, access to psychiatrists, and counseling services. Our sanctuary is a haven for mentally and physically challenged seeking not only support but also a sense of inclusion and acceptance. Once lost in the unfamiliar streets, now they have found solace at Jyothi Sharanalayam. They receive essential provisions such as free food, clothing, and medical care. Here, they don’t just find shelter; they discover a loving family. At JOTHI, we prioritize humanity by offering a genuine lifeline to those who need it most. Let’s come together to create a better world for these individuals who truly deserve our care and support.


Sweehar, our division dedicated to newborns up to 5 years old, currently nurtures 20 babies. Our licensed in-country adoption agency, operating since 2006, plays a pivotal role in uniting surrendered or abandoned babies with caring families. Over time, we’ve facilitated the adoption of 75 babies, witnessing the immeasurable joy it brings to both the adoptive parents and our team. The fulfillment of placing a child in a loving home remains an enchanting and rewarding experience for us at Sharanalayam.


Saathvik, Center for Autism, established in 2017, aims to educate and train children with Autism in Pollachi and Coimbatore rural areas. Autism, a neurodevelopmental disorder, presents challenges in social skills, repetitive behaviours, and communication. With 1 in 59 children diagnosed, lack of awareness and financial constraints hinder their integration into society.

Recognizing their potential contribution, we volunteer to support these rural children. They deserve access to quality training. Our project primarily offers ABA therapy—an evidence-based and costly intervention globally. Saathvik ensures no child misses out due to financial constraints.

Data collection is integral for monitoring each child’s progress in our program. With support from all quarters, we aim to provide these children with the best possible training and integration opportunities.


Sharanalayam Priyam is a haven for abandoned senior citizens, offering a secure and nurturing setting where they discover companionship, attentive care, and a profound sense of belonging. The image captures the lively essence of these elderly residents, who have embraced Priyam as more than just a retirement community; it’s where they’ve forged deep connections, fostering a spirited second family during their golden years.

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